On “Life: Embodied” we explore how an embodiment practice can support us in meeting the challenges of life. How can we surf the waves of life deeply anchored in the safety of our bodies? How can we learn to trust our capacity to be with intense sensations and emotions? How can we cultivate body awareness and why does it matter? Episodes include interviews with experts and practitioners that bring their knowledge and passion and share exercises that you can do at home or even on the road.

Episode #7

Today's solo episode is all about limiting patterns. What are limiting patterns? What triggers them? How do they manifest on a physical level? And why are embodiment tools such a potent way to update outdated survival mechanisms? How can we identify limiting patterns in the body? In the end I will guide you through a mini-transformation process so you can get a taste of somatic therapy.

Episode #6

Mark Walsh is the founder of Embodiment Unlimited and teaches embodiment skills all around the world. His projects include “Sane Ukraine” where they teach trauma first aid tools to the people of Ukraine. In this episode we talk about how not everybody is going to like you (cause you’re not pizza), embodiment as a door to altered states of consciousness, the power of ritual and how to conquer social division with coming home to the body.

Episode #5

Eylam Langotsky is a somatic coach and attention management trainer. How does paying attention to our bodies initiate transformation? How can we engage in a constructive dialog with our bodies? Why is it so complicated to have a good relationship with our bodies? These are the questions we talk about in this episode. If you are looking for an intellectual and perceptual deep dive into embodiment and bodywork: Here you go!

Episode #4

Sophie is a practitioner and teacher of transformative bodywork. In this episode we talk about physical symptoms as a gateway to a more honest connection to ourselves, how to drop limiting beliefs and why we should trust in the constant transformation of Life, the Universe and Everything (to quote Douglas Adams).

Episode #3

Rafe Kelley is an athlete, trainer and the founder of "Evolve, move, play", where they empower people to move the way, humans were meant to.
In this Episode we talk about how to make your movement practice more meaningful, how he navigates the balance between discipline and selfcare, his thoughts on AI and the collective challenges humankind is facing.

Episode #2

Jamie Catto is a musician, filmmaker, author, and workshop facilitator based in Oxford, England.

In this Episode we talk about the thrill of the stage, intimacy, anxiety, men and women, money and his mission to reduce loneliness.

Episode #1

Today it’s just me, talking about the basics of bodywork, the language of touch and what embodiment actually means - at least to me. This is an introduction to lay a common ground for all of us that we can then move around on 🙂